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Page last edited on 12 March, 2003

Islamic Multimedia

The medium of Audio and Visual presentation is considered by far the most efficient medium of communication. So, if you're already tired of 'reading', then immediately relax here. Learn Islam with the best of Audio/Visual material available on the net.

We've compiled some extremely useful links to Islamic material available in the form of audio/video by well-renowned scholars in the contemporary Islamic world.

  • Visit RadioIslam.com, probably the best Islamic multimedia site on the net for authentic Islamic content.  
  • Islamicity.com offers Radio Al-Islam which I find to be an extremely exhaustive collection of Quranic recitations, Lectures on Islamic Teaching and Thought, Debates with people of other faiths... 
  • Islamway.com is the place to visit if you would love to listen to Islamic material in your mother tongues. Presently they have for the Dutch (Nederland) speaking, the Urdu speaking, the  French speaking, the Arabic speaking and fortunately they didn't forget  English speaking folks like me :).
  • HarunYahya.com: Download great Movies, Audios, Presentations, Books. Excellent for sharing with Non-Muslims about Islam. 
  • Hear the voice of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, the man whom some people in the Christian World almost love to hate. Hardly would you find any one who has not been impressed by this man's fiery debates with Christian Scholars around the world. Well, his videos are the most preferred, but I think if you haven't heard him already, then you should listen to some of his debates asap. 
  • Jannah.com AudioBase also has a good collection of audio lectures.
  • Islamic-Audio.net site is also a great resource containing an exhaustive collection of Audio lectures, Debates, and other stuff in English & Urdu organized very well. A must visit link.


If you know of other site(s), do let us know by sending a mail to < adm4iktt@yahoo.co.in > so that I can add them to this collection.

I plan to organize the audio/video material so that one can access the relevant one on the first try. Since its a time consuming task, Insha'allah I would do that at the earliest I can find some more time.

If you find any error/ unauthentic information/ broken links on this site, please mailto saif_waheed@lycos.com

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Last updated on 12 March, 2003

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Hate Hurts. Love Cures. Conjecture Fails. Truth Prevails.
Islam - Bearing witness to the Truth
Seek Understanding from Knowledge/ Information
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